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This Blog is not for the faint of heart,my direct approach is to address the importance of lifestyle choices.. education and awareness.the story will unfold Midnight matters ..days just slip away..and nights get longer writing has been a passion of mine now I share it with my audience. sharing my stength.hope,faith Everything in between Thanks for visiting come back soon!


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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Life is like a pot of stew

Life is like a pot of stew..add ingredient...let it simmer..add some spice...mix it up..share and enjoy..Don't forget the bread and butter.

OK so I broke down,and cooked a meal after a long sabbatical.I use food to shut people up..I am a great cook, when I cook everyone eats and shuts right up no wonder!

I just ate two bowls of stew,simply delicious,as I meditated on the food.and my new found appreciation for my skills..beef,onions,lentils,vegetables,squash variety of spice..buttered roll.
let it simmer,mix it up, share and enjoy.

I had to save some for my daughter who is coming to spend the evening with Mom.
she is really looking forward to my cooking,it's been awhile and she is six months pregnant with her first child,she has an appetite.
My daughter has inherited mothers moodiness.with her pregnancy,her hormones are all over the place,making her rather emotional,to be expected.

Back to the pot,if you don't like the heat get out of the kitchen.
the pot of stew is to share similar to our lives,our children learn so much from us.
making it tasty,so it goes down smoother.has not always been one of my own skills.
but after the pot of stew..they shut up and listen up!
thanks for reading.With love

Bipolar living update

Bipolar living update.A week with the wellness program,I truly believe when I do what is required of me it works.It has proven over and over again when I make the effort I see the results.the differences are sleep/wake cycle,moods,appetite.
This morning is day seven of waking up at 6am,I mean for this girl it is really unusual,a miracle of sorts as I am,usually going to bed at this time. I go to breakfast,I never eat breakfast I mean other than 3 cups of coffee just to get going.
but I have an egg,piece of toast and some bran cereal.a cup of decaf.piece of fruit
I come back to the suite,then go on-line for abit,twitter is very inspiring.originally when I started to tweet I thought are these people for real,with all the positive thinking,In my world although I can be positive I think negative a disease of the brain called Bipolar, the positive tweets really do inspire me.
The dogs and I went for a walk around 8am this morning the weather is mild a welcome break from the rain and cold.I was leisurely walking at slower than usual pace.taking in the quietness,the calm,and the colours of the trees.I said good-morning to people as I passed.I stopped at one tree it seemed to be in bloom the leaves where yellow I was in awe.I stopped at the store to get some scratch tickets,want to the picnic bench,can't they ever put three of a kind on these tickets?
My daughter is also on my mind,I am going to call her and see if she wants to come and spend the night with me.I am missing the family.I know they are missing me as well.The laundry that I started to prepare to take to the drop off,where they wash and fold the laundry.even that takes effort.I should opt for disposable clothes.instead.
it is almost 10 am the housekeeping should be by soon.I love this.then I'll cook,a beef stew.with vegetables least today I am showing some love.the kinder side of me.
I am listening to the radio, all I want to do is have some fun I got a feeling I am not the only one is getting me dancing that's fun.Another favorite song Tonight the night lets live it up I gotr my money let's kick it move it move it..do again do it do it here we go easy come easy go.I got a feeling tonight's gonna be a good night!
the power of positive thinking can you feel it?
What do you consider fun?
Thanks for dropping by while your at leave a comment!

Thanks for dropping by..till next time

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Mental Illness and addictions is a disease,it should be treated as such recovery is possible.
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