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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Doctors Voice

The Doctors voice in Mental health & Addictions treatment is an essential first step.
A general practitioner can refer to a phychiatrist.I know this can be intimidating at first,to ask for help.there could be awaiting list for assessment when your not in crisis.Be persistent
Another important piece of the puzzle is to be consistent and remain with the same doctor over the years of treatment and management of the illness.The doctor is a professional voice in treatment,he monitors your progress and setbacks,The illness left untreated is a progressive illness that gets worse over time.
Treatment,begins with medications.In or out patient basis when in crisis.weekly visits.The details in which you discuss with the doctor are vital. Family history.To keep track of moods a mood chart is beneficial as we often can't remember one day to the next,while medicated.
If street drugs or alcohol,caffeine are being used and in what quantities,our diets,our sleep patterns sleep/awake cycle.
Not to mention are over all health,thyroid,hormones,sugar levels,any other underlying health issues should be disclosed with the Doctor.
A Doctors view is not to place judgement,but to plan a treatment that is best suitable for your individual needs.
To commonly,in the 15 minutes of your appointment you can feel rushed and forget to mention what was on your mind.plan ahead for your visit write down a few key questions and keep it with your mood journal.
I know for me getting out of bed was the hardest part,often I would miss scheduled visits.They understood and would book another appointment,it took awhile until I could meet these appointments willingly.
I often didn't like what the Doctor had to say.An illness,lifestyle changes.It was overwhelming,not to mention I felt very much alone.
It not like at that time I was willing to tell the world I had the makings of a madwomen.
I really liked my doctor,not to mention he was very handsome and smart.I have had the same doctor for 6yrs.
He would tell me the goal is to shorten the length of episodes,and the duration.
To change my sleep/wake pattern
To exercise.
add sunlight to my day
my diet consisted mostly of sugary sweets,chocolate and carbs,coffee
He wanted me to eat vegetables and fruit,drink water.
I can tell you I was furious with this adorable doctor,thinking he had officially
turned into a quack,his requests where unreasonable and impossible.
I can tell you..he was right.
Even if we think we are cured,at times we will think so.moods are improved,we are doing the job called life.every once in awhile during the maintenance of treatment we need the Doctors voice.
Thanks for reading.

Thanks for dropping by..till next time

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