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This Blog is not for the faint of heart,my direct approach is to address the importance of lifestyle choices.. education and awareness.the story will unfold Midnight matters ..days just slip away..and nights get longer writing has been a passion of mine now I share it with my audience. sharing my stength.hope,faith Everything in between Thanks for visiting come back soon!


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Friday, December 18, 2009

Waking the dead.

This morning,I was wakened by a nudge to my shoulder,I opened my eyes and asked what do you want? there is always something.Not this morning,just wanted to say good-bye.
all I could utter is get lost ASSHOLE.The dogs where scheduled to start daycare this morning at 7am,with the expectations they would be dropped off.not by be of course 7am is far to early for this sleeping beauty.He called me a princess Diva,as I rolled over.I said it's Queen Bitch to you get it straight. Princess Diva well I was offended.Now he has awakened the dead and 10 minutes has passed,I said in the 10 minutes you stood here yapping,the dogs could have been at daycare and you on your way.I have to work was his response,and left finally.I called the daycare and said Good-morning Matt,in a crumbling tone of voice.I said I will not come until later what possessed me to even think of being out the door at 7am was beyond me.In his Good-morning laughter tone.He said come when it suit you.someone who understands my thinking.end of arguement,or debate.
I went to the hotel front desk to pay my keep for the day.Two lovely ladies,dressed,make-up and cheerful attitude,all I could think is why am I surrounded by all these happy morning people.then there me who begrudges rolling over.I take the electronic card,head back to the room.I look at the dogs and said are you ready to go,they also jumped with glee,put on there coats and mine.The morning is cloudy,and dull as we walked more happy morning people saying how cute the dogs are which always puts a smile on my face,we pass a dog,Luke remains calm.
Progress,two guys are coming out of the store,called Luke a soldier.he has an army coat.I laughed and so did they.we approach the daycare I was feeling,like a proud mom
taking her kids to the first day of school.The daycare attendants took them from me,they ran to play with the other dogs.I left with separation issues and a sense of relief,thanking the good lord for such a facility and 2 minutes walk from where I am.
Back at the room I think now what.missing them already.made a few calls talked about New Years eve plans,ordered tickets for a dance at the Delta Markham Hotel.
called my best pal Coco,we laughed,about my morning mishaps,another cheerful morning person.called my mother but by this time I was cheerful myself.we talked and laughed.
worked on my writings,face book with my daughter,twittered away some thoughts.
had a bath,got dressed and time to get the kids(dogs) they where happy to see me.
I talked to them as a proud parent would,saying good job,they both where very calm and proud.We get back to the room,they both curl up and go to sleep.nap time sounds good to me.
Thanks for reading while your here post a comment!

Writing my best seller..A word at a time

The object of the experiment of faith..Is to see if this path I am on my at this stage of my life is the moment of truth.
If you have been following the blog,I have put all other aspects of my existence on hold.
To write a word at a time towards my Best seller book completed for publishing.
There can be so many desire of the heart,that pull at the string,I am focused and active daily in this important project.Today I recognized through prayer and obedience,that it is about surrendering my ego.The book is not about me,however the subject matter Mental health and addictions.seemed to be.As I have lived it.
The certainty of purpose was clarified,to minister to others in there place of need.
not based on my opinion as much because people don't really need a bat over the head when they are already down,but a place of comfort and understanding,encouraged through testimony of example that are relate able to the reader.I have also been doing alot of reading,something out of character for me a thriller suspense novel.
A signature style of writing to call my own.take the reader to a place better than their present reality.When I use to read.I would read the whole book in one or two days.now when I read I limit it to two or three chapters and mediate,absorb what I have read,then I read a few more chapters the next day.
I also write in a similar fashion..topic comes to mind,then I write,write, write about it.
now when an idea or topic,title comes to write I jot it down.then come back to it in a day or two.it gives me a chance to conceptualize what I am writing.
putting the emphasis on form,editing the details as I go along.
A word at a time,one day at a time.
The book unfolds.
Thanks for reading post comments thanks

Thanks for dropping by..till next time

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Mental Illness and addictions is a disease,it should be treated as such recovery is possible.
My goal is to carry the message to those that still suffer that you will not have to be in isolation. be free my friend at last.
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