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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In the darkest hours

It is 3;00 pm in the darkness of clouds and cold weather,with a cold.the stillness allows for me to write which is fine.I slept till about 11;00 when maid service asked if I needed anything,I said yes today as the suite needed to be cleaned,and fresh linens after all I am sick.The thought of the germs in the air is not pleasant,she came to the door with mask.Left me thinking about HI NI the swine flu,after vomiting through the night and early morning,I had checked to see if the symptoms are similar sure enough they are.It brought me into a frenzy and panic mode.
However I lived through the night,and woke again this morning to live another day.
I walked the dogs in the rain as the suite was being cleaned.Lucy doesn't like the rain or cold and left me standing there with the leash in hand.She was gone,calling out for her,I walked towards the suite she was inside already the suite is on the first floor of the hotel. I left the door open I get back to her looking up at me as to say,It is to cold for this doggie.Then I went to ordered soup from room service,
as I was doing this my other dog Luke like being on the desk at the computer as if he has typing skills and something to say.The dogs are napping now.Lucy curled up in the chair next to me a Luke is guarding the door.
as for me I am nursing the cold with fluids and rest.thinking I really need to get the clothes out of storage,like it or not the weather is changing,I need to keep warm.did I think that this summer would last through till October.
The concern for the day,with being sick,and living in the hotel how am I going to keep this up? as long as it last I guess.till tomorrow? yikes
send cash or e-mail if you want to help in my experiment
Thanks ain't to proud to ask

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  1. I think tomorrow, like you say hun, is your best goal for now. Not because I doubt that you can continue longer than that - of course I don't - but sometimes it's just easier to focus on the here-and-now, the very short-term. Sometimes I feel it's an achievement just to get through a matter
    of hours never mind an entire day ;-)

    That sounds very airy-fairy, especially coming from a cynical cow like me, but I do think baby-steps are important.

    Really hope you're feeling better soon - take good care of yourself, hugs xxx


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