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Monday, October 5, 2009

The aftermath in Bipolar

Today started rather late after my night of gambling,around 2pm the front desk was calling to see if the suite needed anything.I hung up the phone thinking why do they bother when I have the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door.
I had some banking to do,its a good thing I was awake.the sun is shining today and the milder weather is welcomed,The dogs loved the walk feeling frisky Lucy is getting in the habit of walking on her own,she is such a diva.
had calls from my children they are missing mom.I miss them to,but sometimes the heart grows fonder with a little time apart,it is Thanksgiving this Monday so we all get together for that.
When I was driving to the bank,the roadway was slowed down with various tow trucks,
and big wheel vehicles the tanker truck was loaded on two tow truck in a millions small pieces,it made me think I have the nerve to complain even when I think I am in a mess it is not near as bad as this guys day or the aftermath of the accident.did he survive?
I spent far to much last night at the casino,I needed to get out,this morning I was thinking I could have managed the money better.made it last longer that the couple of hours that it was in my hands,after all I am living on faith and God did supply
why do I have to get in the way to mess it up.
The aftermath is the consequence of not thinking,behavioral acting out in bipolar is
damaging,but not as damaging as the truck that is in a million pieces
I survived.
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  1. I go through money like water, but thankfully gambling is not my vice. I do gamble, but I only generally allow myself about $25 before I call it quits. Shopping on the other hand? I can't control myself sometimes. I have to buy things. Need them so badly. By the time I have remorse about it I've lost the receipt or realize it was clearance and I can't return it or even worse, I've already ripped off the tags in a fit of "I'm keeping this no matter what" type thought.


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