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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bipolar Head Trauma

Hi there,Welcome back

I just want to start this post,with some encouragement yes everyone knows so much it seems about bipolar these days.The so called experts.I can tell you I have become an expert on the illness as I have walked in the shoes.step by step,day by day.
Truly for my own recovery,most of it was trial and error,what works for me,what doesn't.15 yrs of the onset of depression,then bipolar,which finally acute rapid-cycling bipolar.there are stages of bipolar and it is a progressive illness.
However,I can say through the pasy 8yrs of research on the topic of bipolar.Many questions arise.I needed to get answers.Just when I think I have it figured out something new is revealed to me.good thing it's progressive as everyday is a learning opportunity.

Bipolar and Head Trauma.
I was thinking before sleep last night,can Bipolar start with a head trauma?
Googled and to much surprise yes it can.
What troubled me was the fact as many doctor as I have seen no one ever explored this
with me.
head trauma at birth,or car accident can result in genetic dormant bipolar.
With onset of bipolar,2-8 yrs following.
The fact that no one takes this into consideration is bothersome.
Bipolar is a brain disease.Insurance companies would be required to pay,if indeed a persons life was destroyed as a result of illness.
lets just give them a meager monthly wage in disability.rather than a payment for the initial head trauma,which can result in bipolar illness,and other forms of mental illness.
I am going to explore this option further,with the mental health and addiction team.
at the hospital.
I would be interested to hear from you! Have you ever fallen,been in a car accident,
beaten on the head,or had a problematic birth.
suffered concussion from the head trauma?
With Mental illness onset many years after the head trauma.this is worth exploring for future Bipolar Patients
Thanks for reading and participating


  1. The reasoning that it could be / or is possible makes complete sence when you think about it.

  2. Hi Marcy.
    Thanks for posting and visitimg the blog!
    I am glad you found it interesting.
    It certainly does make sence when you think about it.

  3. Bipolar disorder is not the only illness that can be - or is - related to a previous head or neck injury. If you take a look at some of the illnesses that are classified under the heading of Affective Spectrum Disorders (illnesses that are, generally, related by the fact that they are treated with the same classes of medications including SSRIs, SNRIs, Novel Antipsychotics, and Atypical Anticonvulsants) you will find others that share the possibility of being triggered by an injury to the head (or neck). One of these illnesses is fibromyalgia - an illness that is characterized by chronic body pain - joint pain, muscle pain, long recovery times from any physical exertion and, in general, terrible stuff that I wouldn't want to wish on the worst people around. Imagine the worst aches and pains you have ever had and then ram your head against a brick wall ... you haven't come close to fibromyalgia - oh, I have bipolar (type II) as well ... so the roller coaster ride from hell is well known to this weary traveler.

    I had several injuries to my neck before the fibromyalgia developed to the worst - to where it is presently at (and where it has been for 14 years) - but those injuries were after my bipolar disorder began to express itself. Having said that, given that everyone is so individual I would think that there is a great possibility that some sort of traumatic brain injury (that doesn't leave someone too addled) can result in an emergence of a mental illness.

    There are, in fact historical precedences for this: a railway injury in the 1800's where a spike was shot through a worker's head - and he survived - resulted in a drastic change in the man's personality which proved that personality was controlled by the presence of the intellect INSIDE the brain rather than an outside force (without, at the same time, disproving the existence of the soul, a totally unrelated issue).

    Suffice it to say, your instincts in this regard are good. I've been working on a project for supporting people with affective disorders (bipolar, depression, fibromyalgia, OCD, and migraines) for quite some time and am also writing a book (as you are, I see by your previous posts). One of the things that we learn is that, regardless of the number of degrees and certificates hanging on their office walls, we are the ones who know ourselves the best. Nobody can articulate how you feel, what you are going through, or what you need to enhance your recovery better than ... well, better than you. Unless your doctor happens to be bipolar as well (rather unlikely - and if they are, chances are they WON'T admit it due to the institutional stigma that exists - unfortunately) they only have CLINICAL knowledge regarding mental illness. This is very important information (much of which WE don't have ... but can acquire, in time), but it does not match the empirical data that equates to the twenty-five YEARS that I have garnered from living WITH this illness. I may not know the etymological root of the word 'dysphoria' or of 'angst' but, once I learned what the words meant (just dysphoria - I already knew the meaning of angst) I was able to give a description of 'dysphoric angst' that made my psychiatrists head spin. "What do you mean by that," he asked - he wanted to be certain that I understood what I was talking about.

    Now he doesn't question me, he encourages me to write the book and other things relating to mental illness.

    In the words of Sir Winston Churchill, 'Never surrender, never, never, never, never, never surrender.'

    Peter (@crazycomposer on Twitter)

  4. Hi Peter,
    Welcome thanks for your expressive comments.


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