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This Blog is not for the faint of heart,my direct approach is to address the importance of lifestyle choices.. education and awareness.the story will unfold Midnight matters ..days just slip away..and nights get longer writing has been a passion of mine now I share it with my audience. sharing my stength.hope,faith Everything in between Thanks for visiting come back soon!


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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Women's Mental Health

Women are at greater risk for interpersonal victimization,including childhood abuse.
Substance abuse often occurs as a result of abuse.
Women's mental Health cannot be achieved without equal access to basic rights,education,safety,income security,housing.
non drug alternatives that address emotional distress in women,nutrition,exercise,employment,phychotherapy,education.
Indicators of health..not just illness.
Women have different mental health requirements than men.
Women are caregivers for children and family.Stress in most areas of ones life can trigger Mental Health decline or a family history of mental health issues
Bipolar and depression are often self-medicated through drugs and alcohol or acting out behaviors.sex,shopping gambling,internet.
Support are often unavailable to those with Mental health issues or treatment is often not discussed either from fear ,stigma of what others will think.or how mental health will affect the family unit.
The most frequent help course of a action when a women goes into her doctor in crisis describes her inability to cope,emotions which are overwhelming,diagnosed then sent home with perceptions.that is the amount of support given to women with mental health issues maybe weekly visits on-going care to evaluate medications

Upon diagnosis one has to crawl before they can walk,either mental health and addictions have been a way of life,or early detection is clear to the one that enters the recovery process.

When I was figuring this whole new world I had been faced with.I went from one crisis to another with periods of stability.The onset was when I finally made a decision that made me admit to myself something was not right in my lifestyle choices,that I wanted something different for my children, that I had known all my life,that this chain of family history could and would be broken had I sought.

Many emotions flooded upon the first step,like a crying baby,shaking all over,the realization of what I had become?

The anger & frustration,visits to Dr's,hospitals,but through it was the isolation
I kept it that way,my dirty little secret.

I began public speaking about the process of recovery,still celebrating with a beer at the end of each month sober.

It took be 18 months to get a one year chip from AA,that was a year from denial.
walking by the beer store was easier when it was closed.but when it was open I got the shakes,sweats,anxiety.

All my drinking friends,the life of the party,lifestyle well it all came to a halt.
sending me straight to depression.

The fog of alcoholism and depression lifted which really took a few more years.
and a 12 step program,my higher power giving up and surrendering of my own will.

Not an easy task for a proud,do it my way,kind of character.

I had neglected the period of depression,I took many anti-depressants,through out these periods of my life,Prozac sent me straight to detox as I drank alcohol,I was not warned of the effects.

Wellbrutrin was always a lift from utter despair which lasted weeks, months.that and B12 shots

Antidepressant where no longer giving me that lift,I was not drinking.still something was not right up down and all around on my thoughts and behaviors.

Walked into my GP's office told him how I was feeling,He said I was bipolar.
ok now I am alcoholic and Bipolar I am not mad...I am angry.

looked at him and started to cry,holding back the tears I said I need proof he asked a few questions,with his DR book and I was Bipolar right there in black and white print.

I slammed the door behind me with more perception's & prescriptions in hand,I was furious,I walked home after falling asleep in a field,on a summer day thinking why me?

Why me? Pour me another drink.I'd rather be drunk than face the fact I was now crazy?

stay tune the fun begins
Crazy me!
Post comments,thoughts,feelings
Thanks for checking out the blog.

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