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Friday, May 27, 2011

Bipolar Manic Depression

I never liked the word depression,I call them low moods you know when you have it.
energy levels are low,everything seems dark and gloomy,you can cry at anything.
It can keep you in bed for hours even days.thoughts running through your brain how can I fix this,what is happening to me,all the things we should be doing but can't.
It use to come so easily to us.except now we are dealing with depression it is so much bigger than yourself.
Here are a few suggestions
See the doctor
Fill and take your prescription
Go for a walk no matter how hard it seems.just getting out of the house will lift your spirit even for a moment.
Take time to relax it is OK.
Do something that pampers yourself.
Read a book.
I find writing out my thoughts lets them out of my brain.
Mood monitor keep track of your mood cycles and take it to the doctor on your next visit.We can't remember one day to the next sometimes.
Mindful meditation I really did.t think this one would work but it does help.learn how to do it there are alot of resources on-line.
Get a support network friends, family,being alone and isolated is not good for someone who is depressed even though you just want to be left alone.
But most importantly be good to yourself and take it easy.
minimal stress will lessen the running thoughts.
Hope these suggestion help.
Leave a comment I appreciate them.


  1. Susan - I keep a journal to track my moods and physical health. Every now and then, I review what I've written, highlighting everything that seems important. This helps me track my mental and physical health.


  2. Hello Susan,

    I have read about a great site about counselling and I'm hoping that this could add to your references. They offer counselling strategies that would address to our needs.

  3. Hello Susan,

    I do feel like this at times. When it does happen, I also read feel-good books, pray and seek good counseling. If you don't mind, I have linked a site that could help for counseling needs or this could serve as a resource for future posts. I hope this would be of help to you.

  4. These are wonderful suggestions! I have had bipolar for many years and it is the little things you mention that help me deal with the day to day. A great website that offers great ways of coping with bipolar is http://onlineceucredit.com/edu/social-work-ceus-ba. It has given me great advice and I hope it does for other bipolar sufferers.


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