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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just for today

It is Wednesday,yet another day in the life..but today it's quite and peaceful and the rain has not stopped..my favorite I love the sound of the rain on the windows and the cars splashing over as they speed by on the streets.it is about 4:00pm and I woke up from a pleasant sleep about an hour ago.My routine of sleep is messed up again but I am ok with it I know it will pass.however my level of functioning is also minimal I played with my dogs Lucy and Luke they are wonderful and loving
I wake up make dinner and that's about all I can muster..oh can't forget my on-line work
that really is something I can and will do.so could I be in a low-mood today more than certain I am.but with the daily rat race of life the calm and peace with minimal function today is just fine with me.If it is not ok with others and it seems I am a little lazy or down that is your perception mine is that just for today I am exactly where I am suppose to be at home with the rain on the streets,cars speeding by and the wonderful thing I call solitude what a great day!
the dogs look a little bored and I am done my writing so we will have a walk in the rain..I love to walk in the rain the dogs not so much..but we will see today.
So off on our walk we went the dogs wanted no part of it,I swear they think they are people and far too special to walk in the rain.I had to carry lucy my mini-dachshund
I am sure she did not want to ruin her pink outfit.We did about 15 minutes and they wanted to go home.Once we got home I went to Tim Horton's for my coffee.they must put something in it to keep drawing me back cause nothing else will do but Timmy
had dinner nothing special tonight sausage,vedgies,macoroni and cheese..I just had a little bit I don't feel to eat.My dishes are staring at me from inside the sink.
I don't feel like doing that neither but they are not going anywhere for the time being and neither am I.I am in the mood to blog and do my on-line work I'll end the evening with a movie.thats the end of the day
thanks dear reader
just for today

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