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Monday, June 15, 2009

They call me crazy

They call me crazy according to the definitions,labels,mental health diagnosis...
now the best part..I believe them,I am officially a certified crazy person..and somehow I really like this prognosis..I can and will get away with just about anything and everything..which suits me fine.
You see I have really never gave a shit what other peoples perceptions are and quite frankly if your not for me, your against me.
Now really I don't have to go to far out my door in the big city of Toronto..to know that there are more severe cases,and somehow just knowing that others are far more crazy than I could ever dream of being, gives me a sense of satisfaction that blow this girls ego inflated..I am one of the lucky ones apparently luck yes I'll agree
I do have a lot of luck but as we both know that can come and go..
Sometimes it is on your side and sometimes it is not when it's not I certainly do get in a funk..I get down and that ugly D word comes to surface DEPRESSION..
so I sulk have my pity party..this usually starts when I get so angry and can't seem to take it out on those who would be deserving of that anger..Yikes then they would have to lock me up for sure..

That being said..I have many of my own thoughts on the fact that I am crazy and that this is a part of me that keeps me wanting more..when things get a little dull and boring I just sleep to pass it along anyways so I am going to enjoy the CRAZY part of my personality..like it or not I refuse to be chemically straight jacketed cause
according to the masses I am Bipolar with a mood disorder..I am not hurting you and if I do I did not intend to..toughen up

I love life and the wonderful gift of being a contributing factor..like it or not
that's my reason for being I am one of the lucky one's

A dream is your creative vision,for your life in the future..you must break down your comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and unknown~Denis Waitly

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  1. You can use any images you want off my photo blog. Thanks for looking at it and for the kind words



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