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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What if the diagnosis is I AM

The search for a diagnosis.of what ails us emotionally,there has to be something wrong
we search out answers to the question what is wrong with me?
Soon enough after many attempts we are handed the answer..Diagnosis aah ok there we have it..the solution to the problem. NOT! we are still left with the inability to accept every part of our being the good the bad and the ugly..it's all emotional some of us just can't deal with our messed up childhoods,the hurt and the pain that comes from traumatic experiences and we are emotionally dwarfed as a result the reactions to such trauma in which are perceptions have led us to believe are to painful, poor me how could these injustices prevail in my life..then we perpetrate the pain and anguish for every day for the rest of our lives.in our daily life family and relationships work suffers cause we are still as a child seeing life in a very immature perspective.we want the attention we so rightly deserve cause we have never had it.we will make sure everyone in sight No's the suffering in which we did..thus permitting it every single day.no wonder we can't get passed it.we can't forget or forgive.we think we are not worthy of life.love and everything beautiful.the emotional pain.is to great even for the sufferer to understand? what if the Diagnosis is I am.this statement in itself is empowering I am because this is how it was to be.I am the way I am because this is ME..never mind that I am anything else but me..wow this simple Revelation I m me but for the grace given to me.staying in the suffering in which wants to dwell on is a safe place its the only place in which I feel at home.it a pattern of life in which I cannot change.it is so much easier to change the unchangeable the facts of I am me with all the personal experiences that come with Me.I can call it something else on any given day..mental illness, addiction,at some point there is awake up call
that tells me it is that way cause that is part of my life a part of me I must accept
I can choose each and everyday to stay there.and be there or make the choice of something better.I choose something better it will just take awhile for me to call it home.

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  1. Forty-five thumbs up for this post toots!!! You have made a staggering point!


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