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Friday, July 17, 2009

Is it possible someone is crazier than me?

Dare to ask this question..Is it possible someone is crazier than me?
the part of me is my hot temper and when someone messes with me intentionally I have no other recourse but my reaction.I have kept my family life out of blogs but this deserves a mention..only for the fact that there are loads of people crazier than I am they just don't know it.or care to admit it.However I have been dealing with a personal issue that involves my son.this girl is crazy obsessed with him and he wants nothing to do with her..she has filed criminal charges against him claiming he had a gun.the facts are he is not this kind.he has been in jail 4 times as a result of this..this breaks my heart as a mother that someone could make false allegations
he had all but one charge drooped as he was in custody for 17 days he had to plead guilty to one.in order to get out.up untill this point my son is 30 with no previous
problems or convictions.she wants him to live with her.he wants nothing to do with her yet she has called me 10x with saying that I am the reason he doesn't want to be with her and that if I agreed she could have him..I told her over my dead body..
she has told police he lives with her.he lives at home she is completely and utterly delusional.when she calls she ask for my son I tell her to F*%^^^& off and leave us alone she persists with vulgar messages.calling my son names as well as myself..she recently e-mailed his new girlfriend with a very rude telling the girl all about herself she doesn't have this right but she still persists today the cops where at the door again with allegations of domestic abuse.my son has tried to tell the athorities but she is the victim.Tonight I marched up to the police station and said I wanted to press my own charges of harrasment.as I have every call she has made to my home written down I also have tapes.of her calling but you can't hear her voice..
They told me it would look suspicius if I laid charges.suspicious of what facts are facts she is a nutcase on the loose and even though I have not done anything till this point something must be does I will go in tommorrow with my lawyer and son in tact
I will get charges laid I have supporting letters from his friends of the calls ongoing the harassment and the threats..my son says women can say whatever they want
however this women me has not spoken yet I will now and with the anger that is mounting I wouldn't take this from no one..and she has had plenty of opportunity to let it rest
no end in sight as I see it.all I can say is there is a will and a way.one way or the other.could I be mellowing not likely just allowing the time and evidence for my day in court thnks for listening.

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