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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The power of spritual progress

not everyone happens to be a believer..I am.. what brought me to that place.when I was about 10 yrs old my mother could not cope with us so my brother Brian and I went to a group called Praise Him Ministries.there it was I learned about God Jesus and the holy spirit..they had taken me into a room I had an odd feeling.inside of me I told the people someone died in this room they said in fact someone had many years previous. Lynn was losing her eyesight she told me I had the spirit of discernment a spiritual gift.
after a few months had passed we learned about prayer,praise and the love of God..
bible study and the prayers,faith.miracles and deliverance.They would often have these deliverance of evil spirits I was not allowed in the room as I had not invited Jesus into my heart.which I did immediately I was intrigued and wanted to take part that evening I also received the holy spirit..I had turned my life over to God.
I became the prayer director which consisted of a prayer line, many people that I could call upon to pray for others.Then one night I woke up I had run into the room of ray and Lynn I said please please wake up something terrible has happened to my brother they thought I had a bad dream and asked me to go back to bed I persisted asking them to call the group home in which my brother Brian was staying they did she went to his room and he was gone.the cr was gone.Brian had run away.I got on the prayer lines.not ever thinking I would need to see Gods Power for myself.we prayed got a call back Brian had been in a head on collision he was 9 yrs old walked away from the accident not a mark on him the vehicles were damaged but no one was hurt..
thank God.this powerful intervention was nothing more than prayer, faith and a miracle
as time was passing God has always been involved in my life and I seek him in times of trouble.I pray, read my bible,encourage others of the power of the spirit and Gods will for there life's.even in times when I was not walking in the ways of God my prayers and faith remained in tact.there are many more miracles I will discuss in other blogs but the point of this God changes everything following your spirit.can and will make a difference in your life and your children's life, the life of the family..What is Gods purpose in your life his will or your own will.the power of free will we can choose.he guides our steps when he is called upon..

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