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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Labels are formed for suffers of Mental Health and Addictions

Mental health and Addiction patients have been labelled,past and present by the minority for the majority,What has sparked me to write about the topic is there is a debate on what to call you.as a collective name.Consumer,Survivor, Recovery where the terms is used,in the past mental health patients where called crazy,insane,nuts,
to name a few to describe you.It irked me however that in the labels that are put upon people how it actually affects people that suffer,those that are ill,and for the future people diagnosed with Mental illness, the individuals that will not seek treatment for the very reason of labels.I for example like crazy that is what I like it suits me fine and really does describe my personality.at least the a reason for the madness.I had posted the fact I am a patient,of Mental health service,no she thought this implies I was not a person that self-advocates.that indeed I was playing a subservient role.However,this statement was to me a denial of the facts,I am a patient,self-advocate,crazy bipolar,addict,alcoholic,whew I am blessed with all of them in recovery.There never going to go away,I will not ever be recovered,
I manage my illness with wellness,one day at a time.
It is in the labels the criticism,by not only the public,but by the mental health individual and groups that also contribute,to the stigma in which individuals face,
keeping many in isolation with there illness,This concerns me,as some people will feel that Recovery is a far way,an unobtainable goal,many will not even try and die as a result,First and foremost we are people with an illness,the labels and the diagnosis,is a part of us,living with mental health and addiction is learning experience in which one has to accept,suffer,educate,this is not easy for anyone,most people need support for daily living..yet as the debate goes on and patients are left with there pills,where is the support when it comes to daily life,,guess what many don't have support they suffer in silence and isolation,
What labels do you call yourself?
thanks for reading xox


  1. I tell people I am Bipolar or I say I have Bipolar Disorder. I talk about the fact that I don't have "happy" mania...I have dysphoric mania where I rage and rage at the people I love. I talk about how my meds cause me to have short term memory problems. It's easier to say to people once I've gotten to know them, which is one of the reasons I have had such a difficult time talking about it online. But, I have also had good support from my bloggy friends, and it helps me more than they will ever know.

  2. Interesting point of view. I think there are different levels of stigma and perception of what these stigmas mean. Stigma in and of itself is a negative word. If someone is using those words as an attack, then that's a stigma. Sometimes I use the words as an attack on myself, and sometimes I just use them as descriptors. So many people tell me not to use them like that, but some days that's exactly how I feel.

  3. Nuts and crazy are words we all use to identify ourselves. Those words are usually meant to hurt though. You see somebody killed his wife and 6 kids and your first thought is he must be crazy. So automatically they are talking about US. We are that man that killed his family.

    Not in our eyes, but in the eyes of those people who watch the news. Who don't have enough information about mental illness. About that man, what his struggles were. He may not have had an illness. He could have been pissed off. Period. But only crazy, insane nutty people do that kind of thing.

    It really sucks that there has to be a label. But that is how it will always be. Perhaps changing the views of those labels is what we can strive for. Nice post.

  4. This is now a feature post in my blog carnival. Thanks for your contribution!
    Paul Bright

  5. I'm an addict and I'm bipolar. it drives me crazier than I already am when people want to label me..I thought that's what I supposed to do for the longest time..I had to journal how I was "feeling" and label everything..I'm happy now, sad now, CRAZY now..Why can't I just be ME? but I some how lost myself in all these labels..what exactly am I? It really hurts when my family wants to blame everything on me being bipolar.."oh she's just manic"..NO maybe that was just me! can I not have feelings w/out being "crazy".
    I do suffer in silence for fear if I say I'm feeling manic or depressed my mother will flip out. I don't tell my friends I'm bipolar at all for fear of what they'll think of me. I actually told one of my friends this week bc she was talking shit about a girl that was bipolar and I said "umm I'm bipolar" & she said "WHAT?! but you seem so 'normal'" LOL ahh labels suck! i have to admit it did feel good to get called "normal" though..i havent heard that one before..i kinda liked it.


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