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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

All that exercise helps with sleep pattern in bipolar

Exercise seems to help with sleep pattern and moods in bipolar,yesterday I was awake at 6am, I had two walks which where an hour or more each and a swim for 45 minutes.
The weather also was mild,and the sunshine was delightful..This week my focus is back on track to monitor my symptoms and maintain my wellness program.I also added 2 hours of social an evening out with friends, listening to music was calming and energizing.I pushed myself,an made an effort to say hello to everyone that I came in contact with. I also made the dentist appointment that I postponed for a week. I was in bed around 1am,which is early for this bipolar,however I did also have a late afternoon nap,we are suppose to avoid
the unavoidable naps.I will try again today.It is 6am Tuesday I awoke from a deep sleep.well rested and now I am ready for breakfast,The focus today will be nutrition.
adding the vegetables and water,as I have been neglectful also of this very important component of wellness.I also will make an effort to work today,I will follow through with phone calls and answering the phone.limiting my computer use today.Bipolar seems to want to keep me down,truly it is the fight of a lifetime.I love good fight and a challenge.maintaining the energy to do it daily,sometimes I just need more strength.
I am getting ready showered and dressed to put my best foot forward for another day.
wishing you all wellness and strength just for today.xo
Thanks for visiting come back soon xo


  1. Gawd. I am so impressed with your... I mean, exercise. And nutrition. If I eat...it's not usually good. or scheduled. My sleep is the worst. Dreams even worse. I feel like I am barely functioning/faking it through the day. You have it going on. I wanna be you one day, but not today, I'm too tired.

  2. Thanks for your comment so kine Martie,but it fact I would be rather be in bed sleepin my favorite..eating for me was not happening but as I improve my nutrition with vedgetables water fruit.and schedule I hate them..but as I walk more and swim it increases my appetite.as well as a great nights sleep which is unusual. up early 6am..never happens unless I do the do things .it works if you work it..and you know what they fake it till you make it..Together we can
    Look forward to connecting..Susan xo


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