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Monday, October 19, 2009

Increasing my capacity to recieve

I was watching Joel Olsteen,last night his topic was Increasing your capacity to receive,the concept was you can not put new wine in an old wine skin,and that if we have a cup we receive that capacity,if we upgrade to a bucket we will receive buckets worth,upgrade to a barrel,the barrel will be filled, upgrade to a barn and your increase is based on your faith and capacity to receive.Faith has lead me down this path,taking this step of faith knowing each and every day my needs are met,I am blessed in so many ways,but sometimes limited on my capacity to receive.
My attitude is changed today,putting my best foot forward,a smile on my face,knowing that just for today,I will make that extra effort,after all it is the least I can do to give back a part of me to others.
The day started off early 6:00am,with a smile on my face,I combed my hair washed my face,and put on an outfit.met my better half for breakfast,in the restaurant where it is complimentary bonus,he smiled gave me a kiss,when on his way after his meal.
came back to the room,the dogs where very quite,took them for a 40min walk,
sun was starting to break through,the weather much milder,I kept thinking to myself,what if I just kept walking,instead of turning back all the time.where would it lead me to?the dogs got to rumble,while I stopped and thought to get a coffee,my body so was craving,but I thought no,I also thought I have not been drinking enough water lately,water is good for the body and brain and an important part of my wellness
I think this is one component,I will monitor over the next week 8 glasses a day.
see how it affects my wellness.I am having a cup of decaf as I am blogging,another consideration that was on my mind,was business,so many people are on there way to work at that time of day,or finishing the night shift.Someone even honked at me I waved,at least I am not invisible today!I did say good-morning to each person I passed and smiled.Get back to the suite at the hotel,the dogs are barking so I put some music on to calm them it worked there resting now,quietly.
I'll catch up on some phone calls,taking care of the business for the day.
I am off to a good start,how do you start your day?

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