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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Flying high in Bipolar

Flying high in bipolar,I am not talking about Mania,I am talking about acceptance,working with one's limitations and pushing them.Bipolar is a disorder that affects one's thinking and moods.Often stinking thinking is prevalent,or I can conquer the world today.Bipolar world is challenging daily,but we must be up to the task or we would not have been given the gift of Bipolar,I truly think that it is a gift,I know in the suffering and the initial fears,the freedom to become what is beyond the limits of our own minds,yes we get stuck,but as long as there is a pulse in out veins there are possibilities,only limited by our own imagination cause we can't see that far ahead,but take a good look at where you have been in life and where your at today.what do you see? progress right,be honest and give yourself a pat on the back,encourage yourself,be kind,as no one will ever know how the illness affects us but us,we persevered dedicate the rest our life to others in that alone is a miracle where we in that mindset say 10 yrs ago,probably not,have we killed ourself thrown in the towel like so many do.In the moments of tremendous suffering we learn and grow through them.
understanding is key just like acceptance is,otherwise we are stigmatized and stagmatized.
If we settle for this we have not made progress folks and it is up to us.
Together we can


  1. I can certainly see why you would view it as a gift. Although I intensely hate the depressions, and frankly sometimes the manias too, I believe I am moulded as an individual because of them and, with help, I will be stronger as a result.

    I tend to view it more as a mixed blessing or as being blessed and cursed. But I have BPD to deal with on top of bipolar, so I suppose that complicates matters!

    Good post :-)

  2. Thanks for your comment,mixed blessing would that be mixed state too..hehe
    It is alot to deal with I surely know,embracing all of our person is the gift,the good the bad and the downright ugly.
    much love hugs


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