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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I made my bed,doesn't mean I have to lay in it.

January 6 2010

I made my bed,this morning.I love the feeling of getting into bed.Crispness of the sheets,the warmth of the blankets piled high,the softness of fur brushing against my chin.maximized by the dogs cuddled in close.
however comforting this feels,I don't have to lie in it.

I was motivated today,I made the bed elusively pondering the mission for today.
I was making list of all the things I love,photography.I exchanged the batteries from the converter to my digital camera.prepared the dogs, ready with wagging tails of excitement and much cor horsing from Luke,he sat at the side of the desk with a look in his eyes,his front paws on the desk,as to say close down face book,lets go out and play in the snow.My other dog Lucy sat comfortably on the chair.on a pile of newspapers.dressed in a turtleneck and coat.she seemed quite content in her comfort.

I took some pictures of the snow topped trees,the ground whiten with sheets of white snow.I had to get a glimpse of the look I had today,a black hat,the faux fur coat,a made up face.every hair in place.captured the moment.

We approach the front door,Luke is eager to play and romp,Lucy loosens her leash away from my grasp.
her little body bolts for the front door I called her back to play,she was gone peeks her head around the corner of the brick wall.Luke and I make our way back.Lucy is scratching at the door.As to say enough of this.

I was waiting for the phone to ring, I made some calls earlier,It seems all are still in holiday mode.It certainly doesn't seem to be business as usual.

Love is not irritable,with things that can come each day in any relationship,the challenge is to meet the needs and love the unlovable.

I had worked on some solutions with a loved one for our reactions that can be irrational.To rather react in more loving ways.

I made my bed,today I did't have to lie in it.I did something about it.
the outcome was better than I anticipated.back to bed.I did my part now I can lay in it.lifes simplicities that I love
What do you love?
Thanks for reading.

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